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          Engine Detection


          Vehicle detection systems
          internal combustion engines
          components and
          alternative drive systems


          Vehicle testing systems


          Dirk Schumann GmbH has been carrying out comprehensive maintenance and repair work as well as making and supplying spare parts for testing stations for  internationally-known road vehicle manufacturers since 1998.  The years were  well-spent  because they provided the company with immeasurable knowledge about construction,function and above all the values of improvement potential.This knowledge is put to good use in the compilation of a product portfolio for road vehicle-related technology.


          Professional and all under one roof


          On the basis of a comprehensive machine park it is possible to fabricate mechanical components in higher quality and thereby be able to provide punctual and target-orientated spare parts for clients.




          Supply Reference

          Cooperated with BMW,providing two sets of motorcycle engine detection systems and one set of motorcycle detection systems to the Chinese customers.

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